Real Clothing for Real Women: SAANCHI by Sanchita Singh Roy

I am talking to Sanchita Singh Roy from SAANCHi. This interview is special not only because Sanchita is a very dear friend. I love the effortlessly elegant clothes designed by SAANCHI. Be it office wear, party or weddings Sanchita’s creations will make you stand out. And what I like best about her is that she creates clothes that can add to the beauty and elegance of every women. The cuts, the silhouettes, the textures and the colours, her classic style complement real women.

If I may admit, I first visited Sanchita’s studio reluctantly on her husband Sanjay’s request. Sanjay has been a close friend and I was afraid that I would be obliged to buy something from Sanchita even if I didn’t like her work. But the moment I stepped into her studio I fell in love with her work, bought so many of her beautiful pieces myself, recommended her to many of my friends. So, let’s hear from Sanchita in the video link below…

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