Farewell 2020, Adios Lipstick

Lipstick, dear lipstick, you who added so many vibrant shades to our smiles have been swept away by 2020, veiled and shoved in some corner amidst COVID concerns. Once a ‘must-have’ in every girl’s purse, lipstick has been replaced by hand sanitisers and masks. It may not be farewell forever my dear, but we have been compelled to take a break from you for sure, for how long we don’t know.

Bright hues of Lipstick adding to the look. With my cousin Sumi at her Sangeet

Once our look was not complete without you. You brought a sparkle to our face and an appeal to our pout. Your lively hues added to our confidence and our sprightly gait. But now alas, we put on a mask to hide behind a tiny virus, a virus so small yet so fatal. We may have survived, but 2020 has for sure trampled over so many things that we held dear. We lock ourselves in, hide behind masks, cringe if someone extends their hand for a shake and run away from the warmth of a loving hug. What we have we don’t need, what we can’t have our heart craves, the human touch we sorely miss. Our wardrobes, full of clothes, shoes, jewellery and so many knick-knacks, mock us. Frequent travels are a thing of past and we plan endlessly to go out for a cup of coffee. Even after we enter a coffee shop, we can’t rest till we have thoroughly sanitized our surroundings. Sitting with apprehension, maintaining a safe distance, we gingerly remove our mask to sip our coffee. Dear 2020, you have added a flavour of caution to the hot and once carefree cup of coffee.

Like scarves and belts of times erstwhile, masks have become an accessory we can’t step without. From surgical mask, we have graduated to colourful masks in different textures to match our mood and attire. We have simple cotton masks in black & white, coloured masks, printed masks, fun masks and glittering masks. Now there are designer lines of masks even. With our lips and half our face hidden behind the masks, lipsticks have become a thing of past. 2020 is definitely a year lipstick makers’ will forever dread.

Masked normal

We look at a world so changed, wide-eyed, from above our masks. We have learnt to gesture with our eyes and smile with our eyes. Very soon we will pout with our eyes. And dear lipstick, what you have lost eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara have gained. We have started dressing our eyes, experimenting with eye make-up, wearing coloured eye shadows and contact lenses to add more allure to the language of eyes. With our lips covered and limited hand contact (lest we catch the virus), we rely heavily on our eyes.

Fear not, oh lipstick, this is just a temporary setback. We can never bid you adieu, we are taking a break at best. No matter how gloomy the year may have been, our spirit is indomitable and soon we will make transparent masks to show off your vibrant shades. Dear lipstick, you will shine bright even under our masks.

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