When 20 turns 21!

It’s 2021 finally! You are not yet another New Year, so much rests on your shoulders – our hopes, our dreams, our wishes for a better tomorrow. As if with a magic wand you will shoo away all our woes that 2020 brought along. We are no fools, our optimism keeps was going…

Ah, 2020. What can we say about you that has already not been said so many times over? We complained bitterly and then we just accepted you. Now we are glad that you are gone, for you were one harsh teacher. You took so much from us, you locked us indoors, tried to discipline. You showed us we have so much that we may never need and care so little about things that really matter. You taught us the value of life, of love, of relationships.

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Sipping into the intoxicating warmth of mulled wine

So when I stepped out gingerly on the last day of the year, I decided to savour the little things that I so missed – walking through the lanes of Khan Market, basking in the winter sun, window shopping and of course sipping hot coffee and mulled wine and hot toddy. I spent the whole day there, starting with coffee and the walks and then the hot drinks and good food. Masked of course for that is a legacy you left behind. When we finally called it a day my friend wished me a happier 2021. ‘At least 2020 is over,’ he said.

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Cheering 2021 with Sanchita & Sanjay

We welcomed 2021 with open arms. With a few close friends who made 2020 bearable. And delightful it was!

I don’t think 2021 will take all our worries away with so ‘may be’s’ still hanging in the year. But I do hope we remember the lessons that 2020 taught us as we walk into 2021!

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