The paradox of time

Time, the thing about time, it’s fleeting, yet we want to hold on to it. We know this moment will pass leading to the next, some things will change or maybe most things. Yet we wish we could arrest some moments, knowing full well how impossible that is, that’s what makes those moments precious. There are timeless moments that stay with us long after they have passed, the enduring moments that sometimes define us. That’s the paradox of time, fleeting time that we often cling to and manage to snatch a few instants, shreds and pieces here and there.

Change that follows passing time, change that we know is inevitable, yet we often resist. Many things we want to change, we want to change for the better – we want healthier, more successful, prosperous versions of ourselves. We want to change our smaller house for a bigger one, we want to change our car for a swankier one. We often chase fleeting time or run against time to make these changes happen, all along hoping that the good things that we left behind will never change – pieces of our childhood, our home where we once grew up, people who love us and helped us become what we are.

Time, it gives us and it takes away from us. It brings us newer things, new moments while snatching away the old. When we look back seeking those beautiful things that we once left behind, we find them gone. People who we loved so much suddenly cease to exist, for time is good and time is bad, time is a paradox!

Yet we defy time, we arrest time, moments and people in our memories. They may have ceased to exist but they continue to live in us, they become a part of us, they define us.

The thing about time, it’s forever moving, it’s flowing like a river and so should we. Pick up the beautiful bits and move on, toss back the burdens that may hinder our journey. For time challenges us to reinvent ourselves, beckons us to move forward, no matter what may lie ahead…

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