Death of a Mobile Phone

That’s how she takes a selfie

She’s dying on me, at a time when I can’t afford to lose her. Not that I am brimming in love for her, it’s just that I can’t afford a new one at the moment – a new mobile phone I mean. She has already spent three and half years with me, that’s quite some time for a mobile phone. So now her battery decided to give away just when I thought she would last for a few more months, till I have saved enough to buy a better version of her.

I have always considered my mobile to be young, peppy, chatty girl, forever ringing, forever pinging. I have craved for days when she would stay quiet, shut up just for once. I have complained incessantly about how her midnight pings disturbed my sleep. Yet when her battery dies at night I get up, no matter how late, to charge and bring her back to life. Such is my love-hate relationship with my mobile phone, can’t live with her, can’t live without her!

Whether I like it or not my mobile has crept into every aspect of my life. Making calls or sending messages is just one small part. Her clock reminds me of the fleeting time, she sets alarms and reminders for me, she keeps notes of my random thoughts. She’s my calendar, my calculator, my torch as well. She allows me to shop for whatever I want sitting at home. She tracks my fitness, plays music for me when I am bored and books a cab for me when I don’t feel like driving. She’s my banker, my wallet, she has made financial transactions so easy.

And what’s more, she’s my newspaper too. Old school that I am, I always preferred physical newspapers with my morning cup of tea. But when fear of COVID forced me to cancel my subscription she kept company during my morning tea. Her apps got me news from all over the world. She’s also my camera, my recorder, allowing me to capture whatever I want.

How can I forget that she’s my navigator and guide. Last morning when I stepped out to look for a shop where I could replace her battery, I lost myself midway because her battery died on me. Finally, I asked people passing by for directions like I used to do before we had smart mobile phones.

My versatile mobile holds the key to my virtual world storing all my Social Media handles. She broadcasts my blog as well. Though I like to write about lazy, beautiful days before technology took over our lives, the irony is it’s my hi-tech mobile that carries my posts to you.

Though I may not like it, she’s my office on the move. She makes sure that I don’t miss a single mail or meeting alert even after I call it a day!

So, now, that my over three-year-old mobile is giving away, I am really in a fix. I can’t decide whether a few days without a mobile will cost me more or a new mobile phone!

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