The early morning thunderstorm by Titas Mazumdar

Delhi/NCR’s extreme heat wave for past few weeks all of a sudden was washed off and moistened by heavy thunderstorm and beautiful morning rain…we woke around 5ish hearing the wind roaring in rage and the trees dancing fanatically as if they were all intoxicated by previous night party. Around 9am I stepped out in my garden to witness the early morning anguish of Mother nature. Not to my surprise, as it was expected, most of my plants were uprooted or branches snagged, the huge swing has fallen on the pots breaking few of them. Few of the wall panels came out, indeed it was a rowdy morning but as we all say every cloud has a silver lining and so was this one. The temperature dropped in 20s with pleasant wind blowing the entire day.

The summer vacation in the school started last week but with temp in late forties poor little souls were not able to step out to enjoy their vacation. Today came as a big surprise to them and immediately the kids called each other to plan the day. Morning was a beautiful cycle ride followed by a park picnic. Having lunch with friends during vacation in a park under a tree, what more do you want?

It took me back to my Dhanbad days when Jayashree and myself accompanied with our little sisters and few more friends used to do such home-made lunch picnics so often during our summer vacations. Summer Rasna, home-made mango kulfi, lemonade ice creams , those power cuts, handmade newspaper fans, sprinkling water on the bed and curtains before going to bed , playing outdoor games specially Kabaddi for long hours , sitting together on the terrace to play antakshari till the power came back again used to be our summers in 80s and 90s in those small towns.

Seeing the excitement in Katha’s eyes today while planning and prepping for her outdoor lunch with her friends took me back to my school days. We relive so much of our childhood through our kids. It is definitely not possible to replicate all of it, but I want to enjoy and hold on to whatever little I get through Katha and Bhasha.

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  1. Can’t agree more …..80s and 90s now altogether seems like a another Ara…. thanks for such a beautiful yet simple explanation I am also feeling nostalgic after reading it…… heart touching….

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