And we dream on…

The merging worlds: the sky, the earth and the water

I dream every night, some I remember, most I don’t. Dreams, according to Freud, are reflections of our ‘unconscious’, but I find most of my dreams that I can recollect once I am awake, quite random. Some, of course, give expression to my wishes and desires, sometimes regrets. Some dreams border on my real waking world. They are so vivid that it takes me a while to figure out if I was dreaming or if it actually happened to me.  Maybe there’s a realm between dreams and the state of awake. Or maybe our dreams are as real as the so-called ‘real world’ for we do feel and live in our dreams, even if for fleeting seconds or minutes.

According to Wikipedia, a dream is a succession of imagesideasemotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Humans spend about two hours dreaming per night, and each dream lasts around 5 to 20 minutes, although the dreamer may perceive the dream as being much longer than this. So it’s not just me. Each one of us have our own crazy or mundane dreams.

We humans have forever obsessed over our dreams. There are various instances in our mythology and literature of visitation dreams or dictated to take certain actions in dreams. We hear of dreams of our kings and rulers that have sometimes led to beautiful palaces or places of worship or to ugly war and murder. Early morning dreams are supposed to come true. Certain dreams bear premonitions.

Sometimes, there are recurring dreams. As a child, I used to dream of trying very hard to climb up a hill and failing miserably. In my dreams, my house was on top of that hill. That dream used to scare me and I still remember it distinctly. Of late, I sometimes dream of a broad-backed person, possibly an intruder. This dream spooks me. I always switch on all the lights and check the doors when that intruder or image comes in my dream.

But fortunately, most of my dreams are non-serious and happy. Though I might be vigorously participating in my dream I often just can’t remember them no matter how hard I try. Some dreams I recollect for a short while and some stay with me for a long time. Certain dreams are quite real to me and I often wonder, since I feel those moments so intensely even though I maybe asleep, why should we dismiss our dreams as unreal. Maybe, they are as real as the real world or there’s a thin line between the realm of dream and reality and sometimes the worlds merge!

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  1. Dream is nothing but somebody’s unconscious imagination which he/she loves to think. Psychologist relates dreams with the person’s unconscious imagination…nice subject to be explored.

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