Hitting the Pause

At times, life hits a pause button. The frame is frozen, an uneasy freeze that takes a while to thaw. Yet, it is eventually unfrozen or we unfreeze the frame for life can’t stay frozen for too long. We have to move on.

These are usually low moments in our lives that pauses us momentarily and with some effort we get up and get going again. For life has its high and life has its low. We portray the highs but we are never willing to admit the lows. We want to present our lives as happy, high and happening. It was probably further reinforced by Facebook where people started painting their lives in such intriguing hues.

When the world pauses for a moment

There’s nothing wrong about presenting a happy front for why should be wear our hearts on our sleeves. Most people don’t know us that well and they may not care or understand our troubles. As long as it’s innocent, and as long as it’s not fabricated, tell the happy tales.

But the problem is when we start denying the not so happy moments or not knowing how to deal with the lows in our lives. We put up a brave face, we look away, we bottle up. We are not proud of our lows and probably most people don’t care about our struggles. And, the picture of a successful life that we were conditioned to draw for ourselves doesn’t have room for low moments. Admitting our lows might make us look like a loser.

Trust me, nothing can be further from truth. It takes lot of courage to admit and make room for your lows. There are people out there who genuinely care and will help you through your lows. And, it’s absolutely fine to hit the pause button once in a while and freeze the frame, do nothing. Hit un pause only when you are ready. Clich├ęd as it may sound, it’s Okay not to be Okay!

2 thoughts on “Hitting the Pause

  1. Life is a roller coaster drive .
    Who don’t adjust accordingly,
    They suffer,but ,those who can,
    Enjoys every bits of it .

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