And finally, it rained

Rains! Finally!! Summer seemed unending this year. Set in early by the end of March, stealing the pleasant spring days. We are used to hot summers in North India, but this season she has been relentless, unbearable, scorching us with all her energy. She has been more vigorous than her predecessors, shining bright hot without a break.

Every morning I would open my curtains with a faint hope that her energies may have waned, she may have cooled down a bit. Only to be mocked by her bright sunshine that she would haughtily throw at me. The plants in my balcony garden would look at me with meek thirsty eyes. But I am not the one to be scared off by her bright hot attitude. I would water the plants and bring them back to life. I even got more flowering plants and they bloomed despite the heat. And I kept waiting for the rains, as eagerly as my plants.

The thing about waiting. There’s so little we can control; all we do is wait. We wait for the rains, for the weather to change, we wait for the flowers to bloom. We wait for someone, we wait for our lives to change for the better, we wait for that long-awaited trip to the land of our love, we wait for our dreams to be full filled. Sometimes we wait like Godot not knowing what we are waiting for. For to wait is to hope.

My wait for the rains was finally over. Summer did take a break eventually and yesterday morning I was greeted with silver drizzling rains. The overcast sky looked down lovingly and my plants smiled back at me, dancing breezily in the rains. As the cool wet breeze softly touched my face for a moment my dreams and wishes seemed so close.

Some dreams seem near, yet so far. They tease me and then move away. Maybe they will be realised soon, maybe they are not meant to be. They make me cry; they give me hope. And I wait eagerly, happily, listlessly. Waiting for the wait to wait it out!

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