Through the looking glass

No, it’s not about Lewis Carroll’s acclaimed novel that I am talking about, I am pondering upon life in general. Though, if you read carefully, Alice losing herself in the wonderland is more than a fantastical children’s story. Through Alice, Carroll holds a mirror or a looking glass to our very adult world. Was Alice really lost in the wonderland or was it her imagination and fantasies that she was entangled in?

Smiling back at my reflection

Like Alice, it is through the looking glass that we look at our lives and perceive the world. The glass is made of our own emotions, perceptions and prejudices. It is true that the world smiles at you when you are happy and frowns at you on your gloomy days. Well logically, the world around us is the same every day, it is our emotions that make all the difference. When we are happy the grey clouds are romantics, on our sad days the clouds seem grim. For, the world is but a reflection of ourselves.

Have you ever thought how our perceptions and prejudices colour our world? Certain things and people are never right, for we have already decided they are no good. Some people may walk all over us and yet we indulge them. To be in love is great as long as we are not blinded. It is all right to have opinions and views as long as we are not judgemental. Different people will have different views. Our takes on situations will be different. That doesn’t make us good or bad, we are simply different!

It is also important to clean our looking glass once in a while and remove the cloud of prejudices to get a better view. For, only by focusing on ourselves can we move forward.

On certain days, when I am low, nothing seems to be going right. On the days I am happy and positive, things fall in place. Just like a wise man once said, whatever you give to the universe, the universe gives back to you. It is perhaps oversimplification to say that by being optimistic we can overcome all our problems. Life will throw hurdles at us and we will have bad days. Our attitude to our problems however makes all the difference. If we keep crying our misery will seem unending. When we face our problems and believe that things will be all right eventually, the world smiles at us!

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