Self pampered me

A good head massage and a pedicure from the beautician was all that I needed to feel on top of the world. It made me feel that I could do it all – meet the work deadlines, deal with heart break, be unaffected by scorns and most importantly pack for my impending trip. Solo trip that I plan to gift miself this birthday, but more about that in the next post.

This was supposed to be a busy weekend. Saturday was almost working, closing pending work and ensuring all the bookings are in place. I was supposed to finish the rest today. And booking a beautician through Urban Company was part of that. I need to look perfect for my birthday you see.

I booked the session early for I intended to finish some chores after that. I had even planned to write, a different post, for many ideas are prancing in my head waiting to express themselves. They will have to wait a little longer I guess. But after the head massage my body and mind refused to nudge. They dragged me to the shower and after soaking myself in warm drizzle I plonked myself on bed. An afternoon of nothingness and a lazy evening is all my heart craves.

My emotions, both excited and stressed, happy and forlorn, seem to have made peace with each other. Life has taken a funny turn. While I have been disappointed by certain people or things I have managed to hold my own and look forward to what future may have in store. By being pushed away I have suddenly come closer to myself, my dreams and aspirations. And little self pampering on a bright October morning was all it took for me to indulge in life at my own pace.

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