Going solo

Yes a solo trip again. To Dubai this time to ring in my birthday. From the top of Burj Khalifa I shall say cheers to another year on this planet and wish for many more eventful years to come. So far I have always spent my birthdays with my family or close friends. This year my birthday coincides with Diwali. As most of friends would be busy with their family,   I decided to take a trip with myself rather than going back home.

I love to travel. I yearn to travel all the time. But for the lack of company or companion I haven’t traveled as much as I  would like to. Have made many travel plans, some worked, some didn’t. So finally I set out solo to Udaipur last  Diwali. It was a sudden urge that I gave in to, not sure if I would actually enjoy the trip. Turned out to be better than expected for I realised that I enjoy exploring a new place all by myself.

This birthday therefore I am gifting myself the Dubai trip. Dubai seems fun. And thanks to all the online travel platforms bookings are super easy. i booked my tickets and two hotels in different parts of the city to get a feel of both the ultra modern and old Dubai. Visa, health and travel insurance all done. All the fun touristy stuff planned, but more of those in my next post.

Dubai has allured me once with many promises. Dubai has been elusive and tricky, all because once I made my Dubai trip dependent on another person. Therefore, I plan to party with me in Dubai and celebrate my birthday in style. Next year maybe Paris or Egypt, who knows.

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