Mr/Ms Right/Wrong

Isn’t that what we all strive for, seeking Mr Right or Ms Right? Our life almost revolves around that quest, and sometimes it’s unending. We meet someone, who seems so right, till he’s not. It breaks our hearts; we cry for a while and set out again…for there has to be someone who’s right for us.

We have grown up hearing, reading and watching that for every person there’s a perfect match who’s waiting for us in some corner of the world. This romantic notion prompts us to keep looking. Our need for companionship, and societal pressure further fuel our quest. And today we don’t need to set out on a horse or chariot to seek the right person. There are so many matrimonial sites and dating apps that bring the ‘eligible’ men or women to us. It’s about swiping right or swiping left!

But what if there’s no one right person for us? What if it’s just a romantic or social construct? I met my Mr Right, more than once. Spent a few happy dreamy years thinking about our life together till it started falling apart. For Mr Right didn’t share my aspirations or we started dreaming dreams. It’s harder when we bestow all our love on a person who doesn’t want any or doesn’t really care about it.

Often people don’t want what we think they want, or we just grow in different directions and want different things. People change and so do we. Sometimes we accommodate these changes, at times we are not able to and what once seemed right seems very wrong. I am not the girl who once craved for that dreamy college boy. When I look back now it all seems so silly, but he seemed so right then.

The whole notion of Mr Right is over-hyped, I think. What if there’s no right person for me? What if there are only Mr. Wrongs? But why should that bother me so much and why should my happiness to tied to that one supposed person, when every morning I wake up happy all by myself? Life shouldn’t be so much about Mr Right or Ms Right, but about doing what is right by us!

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  1. That’s why Mother said ,do all Duties Perfectly & Sincerely, but love ONLY God.
    There will be no pain & dissatisfaction, whereas worldly person will never come upto the mark often !

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