Little bit of Magic!

It feels so magical – the cold morning wrapped in fog, lights twinkling in the distance, the silhouettes of familiar trees and buildings seem so ethereal. It’s almost as if the Santa in this sleigh will emerge out of the fog showering me with his magical gifts. Or maybe a Fairy Godmother hidden in the haze is plotting to make my dreams come true. Even the Alladin lamp that I got from Dubai seems alluring as if a Ginni will pop out any moment urging me to command him with my wishes.

That’s the thing about Christmas. No other festival plays upon magical happenings and dream come true as much as the birth of Christ. Be it Christmas lore or popular movies or shows on Christmas, it’s all about wish fulfillment, finding true love, or whatever your heart desires. As a little girl, I would actually think that Santa left those chocolates and little trinkets by my bedside, and I held on to that belief for as long as I could.

I am all grown up now. I know Santa Claus is just a myth that parents nurture for a while. As we grow up, they don’t bother, for in real life Santa doesn’t shower us with gifts or Fairy Godmother doesn’t swish her wand to turn the girl next door into Cinderella. Prince Charming is hard to come by and even when he does, he slips away often breaking our hearts in the process.

Though most Christmas movies seem to assume so, a girl wants so much more than just a charming prince. She wants to roam the world, earn her name, fame and riches and enjoy every bit as she travels through life. Sometimes she wants to catch the falling stars or travel to the land of rainbows. She makes friends along the way, who make the journey worthwhile. If a prince comes by that’s all right, if not she’s just fine without, chasing bigger dreams.

She works hard for her dreams, some come true and some don’t. Some dreams are real, some too wild and magical that could do with a fairy godmother’s wand. And the time of year when you hear the jingles and watch endless shows on Christmas miracles, no harm in believing that a little magic will help you along the way!

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