Life out of gear

One fall and life goes out of gear. All plans, especially travel plans, are put on hold at least for a while. That’s the unpredictability of life, the challenge and the beauty of life.

A wanderer at heart, this year I was supposed to travel places in India and abroad. I had chalked out a broad outline and it started off well with a family visit to Chandigarh on new year’s weekend and an offsite to Goa in February. A Kashmir trip with my mom was next on the list and then a solo trip to either Paris or Switzerland.

Everything was going fine till I tumbled and fell on my ankle after a fabulous Goa trip. Kashmir vanished in an instant and I could only see my concerned colleagues trying to decide what to do next. We were about to leave for airport when I tripped on a rope which for some reason was carelessly left there  and landed on my ankle and it snapped.

Fabulous Goa

Thankfully, amongst all the confusion my dear friend Sanchita who had travelled with me managed to keep her calm. She suggested that I should travel back to Gurgaon after first aid rather than going to a hospital in Goa. My boss after checking with me several times agreed.

Even with all the discomfort I managed to enjoy the drive to airport and the flight back to Delhi. The support of my colleagues made the pain bearable and I was wheeled to the emergency as soon as we landed.

Bandaged leg post surgery

Optimist that I am, I somehow thought it was just a sprain and a plaster for a few weeks is all that my ankle would need. Turned out it’s a nasty fracture and surgery was the only option. I was guided to a renowned orthopedic surgeon by my colleague who successfully put my broken bones together with the help of a plate and srew. His efficiency and his charm (an added bonus) made the hospital stay bearable.

“You have to rest your feet for 2 months,” said my doc before signing on the discharge slip. “And I will see you again on Tuesday for your bandage needs to be changed,” he added. I can hop around with walker support when required I was told.

Now, that I am back home sitting on the bed with my operated ankle elevated on a pillow, all I can think of are the places that I will wander off to once I am back on my feet!

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  1. I had a fall and slightly fractured my hip. Also had a wonderful ortho. It will take time.

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