The healing touch

A prince lying on the battlefield strewn with death and devastation, crying in pain from his many injuries. Surfaces a mythical healer who cures him with her magical touch. The prince is whole again in a matter of minutes. A scene from some fantasy series that I love watching. It has been playing before my eyes again and again as I wait for my broken ankle to mend.

It’s been a month almost and I have been trying to stay strong. I have a great ortho and it’s healing for sure, slowly and steadily, but the pace gets on my nerve at times.  Being confined to bed mostly and dependent on others for every little thing can be frustrating. I can hop around with the help of a walker but fetching even a glass of water is a challenge. As days crawl along lazily I eagerly wish for the healer to surface and magically fix my bones with her touch.

Waves breaking on the shore…

A fantastic wish such that is fulfilled only in fairy tales and fantasies. A little bit of magic to take away the pain and make me whole again. Maybe magic doesn’t instantly heal us and wish away the tough times but I still believe in magic. If there are people with such healing powers maybe they are hidden from us for a reason. For if we healed magically, in moments, would we really heal at all? Would we comprehend and respect the process of healing?

We break, we mend, we heal confronting situations or people in life, sometimes in just a freak accident. Breaking is painful, breaking hurts, the emotional trauma and the physical agony. No matter how strong we are, we sometimes break. There’s nothing we would do to avoid breaking. But once we are broken we eventually pick up the pieces and put them back together. There are cracks that we fill and there are scars and these lend a new meaning to our lives and make us stronger. We become like a stained glass painting – beautiful, enigmatic, fragile, yet strong. And that is magical!

Real magic, like the process of healing, takes time and patience. We truly heal when we understand the value of what we have broken and work towards making it whole again. Having broken my ankle I have realized so often we take so much in life for granted – being healthy and whole, running around in the garden every morning and feeling the breeze or the rain on our faces. Isn’t life a miracle enough?

Breaking us and then giving us the strength and the patience to put ourselves back together is life’s way of showing us what really matters. As we heal we change, we grow, we become stronger and look at things in a new light. And that is all the magic that we need!   

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