Out of Love

I have fallen out of love, so many times over and over
Not that I wanted to, for I never thought of falling out when one fine day I met someone and fell in love
Happy, giddy love that is so magical, taking me to a world where dreams come true
That special someone, whose very thought brought shy smiles to my lips 
Who led me to a land so happy, for a while at least 
Then one fine day he pushed me away for he was in love no more
I tried to hold on in vain, reminding him of all our happy times together 
But alas, he walked off with a shrug throwing me off balance
And I tumbled out of love

The sudden fall shattered my heart with love still clinging to it's crevices 
Reminiscence of lost love made the pain unbearable 
I wailed, I cried, as if my heart would never mend
And I would live forever with painful memories of lost love 
But one day I fell out of love, the memories remained but hurt no more
Thought of the one I once loved so only brought a sad smile to my lips

I fell in love again and happy bells rang
The world was magical again filled with promises
I started dreaming of walking hand in hand with my love to a new sunrise
But my love was reluctant to walk with me after a while
Our paths diverged and my heart broke again, bringing back all the pain of lost love
I wailed, I cried, till one day I fell out of love and the memories hurt no more

After loving again and losing again, I decided never to fall in love
Till one one fine day I met someone whose love seemed so real, whose love seemed so true
We laughed, we cried, we seeped ourselves in the nectar of love
The road wasn't always easy but I was determined to walk along for the sake of his love  
My love, my greatest love, pushed me harshly away and dumped me in the abyss one day at his whim 

My heart broke like never before, pieces scattered all over like broken stars twinkling in the dark
I gathered the pieces and put them back waiting for my heart to mend
It may take time but the pain will fade eventually and only memories remain
My broken heart, like a beautiful mosaic, waiting to heal and ease the burden of losing a great love
The pain did fade till it came back again in sharp pangs bringing tears to my sad eyes
The memories of loving one so dearly and losing stuck in the cracks of my broken heart
Pangs of pain did numb, played on like constant strumming of a soft guitar 
Memories, heavy with sadness, fading resurfacing, welled my eyes with tears from time to time 

The pain became a part of me as I walked along
Haunting memories, strumming pain that played duet time and again
Maybe I will never fall out of the love this time!
Maybe some love, though lost, are not meant to be gotten over!

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