Beautiful Butterfly

Beautiful butterfly, dancing around in the cool garden breeze. Flapping her wings and moving from flower to flower, tasting nectar from one and shuffling pollen in the other. Her beautiful purple wings dotted with yellow complement the bright flowers that welcome her warmly. For butterfly in the garden means there will be more flowers blooming.

Beautiful butterfly, happy, confident, whispering to the flowers as carries bits and pieces of pollen grains ensuring that the garden is in full blossom. Onlookers admire her as much as the flowers, sometimes more. They seek her out as they enter the garden and look at her in wonder. Such a stunning creature flying around with her magical wings.  Some try to catch her in vain as she glides far away.

The butterfly smiles, enjoying all the attention. Her days on this planet, limited they maybe, are filled with love and affection. Yes, she has spent many cycles – from a dormant egg to a crawling caterpillar, hibernating pupa and finally a pretty butterfly wearing the colours of her choice. She remembers peeping out of the egg from under the rose shrub. The little girl playing with mud in the garden saw her ugly caterpillar head and screamed, making her hide under the grass. Nobody liked to see a caterpillar crawling around. Gardeners tried to kill her for she ate leaves. Birds wanted to feed on her. She felt ugly and unwanted.

Then one day mother nature covered her in a soft silver cocoon, as if shielding her from all her fear and pain. She slept inside the loving warmth, dreaming of a world where she would be free. She embraced her fears and learnt to love her quirky self. She resolved to be free from all the prejudices that she had been subjected to. The silken cocoon melted to give her wings and stroked her with colours of happy confidence. She opened her eyes and flew circling over the flowers that once shunned her. They looked at her in delight and bloomed for her.

As she was waking up from her sleep a soft voice whispered into her ears, “Beautiful butterfly your time on this planet is fleeting. Soon you will merge with the infinite.” Those words didn’t scare her for she didn’t waste her time pondering upon the future. A beautiful present was all she needed and a few weeks of flying to wherever she would like, spreading joy and happiness!

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