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Stealing a rainy afternoon

Stealing a rainy afternoon

My stay in Agartala this time has been hot and humid. Though I spent my childhood here I can’t bear the humidity any more. The uncomfortable heat made worse by pressure of deadlines to be met. With COVID induced WFH we don’t really get a break anymore.

Coming home also brings along social responsibilities and commitments. Visiting relatives or friends almost every evening, taking my Mom or nephew out for shopping. I had packed some nice outfits and saris for the trip, unfortunately most haven’t been worn as I couldn’t bear to dress up in this muggy weather.

Sitting in humid Agartala I watched the videos of rain deluged Delhi airport. Generally it is the other way round. But this time the rain Gods were not so generous on Agartala. Though there were occasional rains, it didn’t help with the humidity.

Finally the skies opened today afternoon, just the morning before I was supposed to leave. Heavy downpour accompanied by wind and then steady drizzle.

I was working on a presentation, I tried to focus for while. Finally, I shut down the laptop and came to the terrace, sitting under the tin shed on the swing enjoying the pitter patar rain.  Rainy afternoons that were a big part of me growing up has become a rarity now. So, I decided to steal it and soak every moment in!

On a rainy morning in Gurgaon

Woke up to rain drenched morning. One of those rare Gurgaon mornings when it was drizzling outside, rain-soaked breeze kissed my face as I opened the window. For a moment I forgot all about office and deadlines and meetings, just wanted to enjoy the perfect rainy morning with a hot cup of coffee. The calling bell broke my trance. The girl who helps me with housework was standing at door, “Didi late ho gayi, barish ho rahi hai.” I looked at the wall clock, it’s 7:30 already! I rushed to the bathroom, image of traffic jam and waterlogging somewhat marring the charm of the wet morning.

My mind kept going back to the chai, pakoda and the monsoon melodies, those lazy rainy days when we could just sit back and do nothing. Get wet in the rain, make paper boats or just look at the rain falling through the window. Listened to Shubha Mudgal’s ‘Ab ke sawan aise barse’ over and over on my way to work. Thankfully the traffic wasn’t so bad, and I could actually enjoy the drive.

I must have been a peacock in my last birth. Rain does something to me. The overcast sky with clouds in various shapes take me to a land of fantasy, to unicorns and mermaids and fairies. I stepped out of the car and looked up for while to feel the drizzle on my face before stepping into the lift. Gazed at the rain-washed lawns and windowpanes from my 10th floor office. Took a few minutes to leisurely sip coffee before I opened the laptop.

Trying to steal a few moments that would help me relive those lazy rainy days…